Emergency Service Routes

Hire a Bus

Be it for a wedding, an excursion or a business trip, PMPML is ever ready to provide hassle free and comfortable transportation. Buses can be hired from PMPML in the most reliable manner. These vehicles are available for hire and the fare is charged as per the number of hours and the distance traveled.

School Buses

PMPML is committed to provide access through transportation for educational purpose as well. PMPML concerns itself with their safety as they travel to and from school. Buses have thus been deployed on a contractual basis to government, corporation and private schools for carrying them. These buses run from 6.30 AM to 5.30 PM, as per the requirements of the schools. The service has gained trust of parents in almost no time. PMPML looks forward to expanding this service by collaborating with more number of schools.

For further information, Visit School bus route timetable