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About Us

PMPML takes pride in being the lifeline of one of the fastest growing cities of India – Pune. While the cultural capital of Maharashtra boasts of an enriching heritage and an expanding horizon, PMPML takes you on a journey through her crossroads of a glorious past and glitzy modernity.

Be it for education, employment or entrepreneurship endeavors, Pune has become a centre of excellence. A regular influx of people from all over the country and even outside requires efficient public transportation system. PMPML by providing access through transport for educational, cultural, markets, economic activities etc. plays pivotal role in sustainable development of the city. As a public transport service provider, we have been able to connect every nook and corner of the city in the most ecologically sustainable manner, by deploying the best in technology, while also making travelling safe and economic for our commuters.

The Wheels of History

Pune’s transportation system has developed gradually over the years. In the early 1940s, tangas were the only mode of transport. It was Pune Nagarpalika that conceived the idea of coming up with a public transport service. The dream took shape when the RTO permitted and M|s Silver Jubilee Motors was assigned the task. Back then there were just 4 routes with 20 buses plying across them. The fleet grew to 46 by 1948.

Formation of PMT

Pune Nagarpalika, in its new Avatar as Pune Municipal Corporation, took charge of the bus service in 1950. Pune Municipal Transport (PMT) was thus started in compliance with the BPMC Act of 1949. The number of buses now stood at 57 and they were plying across 14 routes. By 1960, these figures had gone further up.

Formation of PCMT

It was on 4th March 1974 that Pimpri Chinchwad Municipal Transport (PCMT) came into being. Their first depot started off with 8 buses plying between Pimpri village and Bhosari. The second one came up in 1988 at Gavhane Vasti, Bhosari and later shifted to Dhawade Vasti in Bhosari itself. By 1988, PCMT had 101 buses plying across 13 routes and 45 schedules.

Formation of PMPML

It was on 19th October 2007 that PMPML came into being as PMT and PCMT merged into a single entity. Ever since, PMPML has been dedicated towards providing commuters with a safe, affordable and convenient transportation service.

Organisation Structure

Under Construction..

Vision and Mission


PMPML is committed to provide access through transport in a manner that is safe, affordable, accessible, efficient , reliable and resilient, which will reduce carbon footprint & promote sustainable development


PMPML mission is to

  • Provide services and infrastructure for the mobility of the people

  • Provide transport that is safe, secure accessible efficient, reliable and equitable

  • Provide access through public transport for jobs, markets, education, socio- cultural activities, economic activities etc.

  • Provide sustainable transport thus reducing individual motorised transport

  • Promote and strengthen the use of technology bringing in efficiencies and ease of doing business

Board of Directors

  • Shri. Tukaram Mundhe (IAS)
    Chairman Managing Director PMPML Pune

  • Shri. Kunal Kumar (IAS)
    Director & Municipal Corporation Commissioner Pune Municipal Corporation

  • Shri. Shravan Hardikar (IAS)
    Director & Municipal Corporation Commissioner PCMC Pune

  • Shrimati. Mukta Shailesh Tilak
    Director & Mayor Pune Municipal Corporation

  • Shri. Nitin Pratap Kalaje
    Director & Mayor PCMC Pune

  • Shri. Murlidhar Kisanrao Mohol
    Director & Chairman of Standing Committee Pune Municipal Corporation

  • Shrimati. Seema Ravindra Savale
    Director & Chairman of Standing Committee PCMC Pune

  • Shri. Siddharth Padmakar Shlroie
    Director & Member Of Pune Municipal Corporation

  • Shri. B. A. Ajari
    Director & Regional Transport Officer Pune

  • Shri. Rajendra B Captain (Dr) Saner Patil
    Director Of CIRT Bhosari

Major Achievements



Bus Scheduled 343236

Bus Actual 18,722

Ridership Details 131,762

Revenue 105,621

Passenger Operated Kms 131,762

No of Deport, Bus Stops, Routes 131,762